Embrace Your Mediumship Potential

Bridging the Realm:

Personalized 1:1 Mediumship Development

Mediumship is a gift we all possess, but it needs to be developed and trusted as a reliable source of guidance.

You may have many reasons you want to explore this sacred form of communication: 

  • You want to seek comfort, closure, and reassurance after the loss of a loved one
  • You are a wellness or end-of-life worker who wants to help your clients who are dealing with grief
  • You’re eager to quench your curiosity in understanding what happens in the afterlife
  • You’re interested in practicing mediumship as a profession or want to add it to your existing readings
  • You’re ready to deepen your understanding of yourself, your purpose in life, and the spiritual dimensions that surround us

Learning to connect with the spirit world gives you an invaluable ability to offer comfort, guidance, and messages of love & healing to those in need.

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Connecting with the spirit realm is a sacred skill we all hold inside but few develop.

Learn how to tap into this spiritual form of communication with training that will teach you how to:

✔️ Understand the journey of the soul and its significance in mediumship development

✔️ Define and explain the concept of mediumship and its ethical considerations

✔️ Implement spiritual hygiene practices to maintain energetic well-being during mediumistic work

✔️ Differentiate between angels and spirits and recognize their respective roles and communication styles

✔️ Cultivate and trust your intuition as a medium, enhancing your ability to receive messages

✔️ Identify and overcome common obstacles that block mediumship connection

✔️ Deepen and expand your connection to the spirit realm, delivering accurate and transformative messages

✔️ Navigate through personal and professional transitions with clarity and confidence

If you are interested in exploring your mediumship potential, let’s connect. 

To establish a strong connection in the physical world, one must be open to communication and the process of giving and receiving. The same applies to the afterlife.

This revered form of communication requires a profound sense of respect and reverence. My personalized 1:1 mentorship program is built on a foundation of sacred esteem for the soul-to-soul connections that this practice entails.

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My Unique Approach

I’m Colleen, your mediumship mentor.

As a professional medium with decades of experience, I have gained wisdom from serving as a bridge between worlds and delivering messages from spirits to thousands of clients. 


This is one of my favorite topics to teach because I have discovered how to live a more fulfilling life by heeding the messages of those who have crossed over.

During this eight-week program, you will learn how to safely and effectively tap into your intuitive gifts, opening the energy you need to connect with the spirit realm.

Program Outline

Week 1: The Soul's Story

  • Understanding the concept of the soul and its journey
  • Afterlife and Beyond: Exploring beliefs and perspectives on the afterlife, understanding what happens after death, and gaining insights into the spiritual realm.
  • Recognizing the soul's abilities in mediumship development
  • Defining mediumship and its role in connecting with the spirit realm
  • Exploring the different types of mediumship and what is not a mediumship connection
  • Understanding the responsibilities and ethics of connecting to spirits

Week 2: Spiritual Hygiene

  • Importance of energetic and spiritual self-care in mediumship
  • Establishing practices for clearing and protecting your energy
  • Techniques for grounding and balancing your spiritual energy

Week 3: What is Mediumship?

  • Understanding the distinctions between angelic beings and departed spirits
  • Exploring the roles and purposes of angels and spirit guides
  • Recognizing the signs and communication styles of both angels and spirits

Week 4: Intuition Development

  • Cultivating and trusting your intuition as a medium
  • Strengthening your intuitive senses for receiving messages
  • Practicing exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities 

Week 5: Meeting Clair

peacock feather
  • Understanding the different clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.)
  • Recognizing your dominant clairs and developing them further
  • Exercises and techniques for strengthening your clair abilities

Week 6: What Blocks Mediumship Connection

  • Identifying and overcoming common obstacles in mediumship
  • Exploring limiting beliefs and fears that hinder mediumistic development
  • Methods for clearing blockages and enhancing the spirit connection
  • Interpreting and understanding signs and symbols from the spirit realm
  • Recognizing personal symbols and messages from departed loved ones
  • Developing the ability to deliver spirit messages through signs and symbols

Week 7: Automatic Writing

  • Exploring the technique of automatic writing for spirit communication
  • Establishing a connection with spirit through writing
  • Practicing automatic writing exercises to receive messages from the spirit realm
  • Opening up the connection to spirit
  • Techniques for deepening and expanding your mediumship connection
  • Strengthening your ability to receive and deliver accurate messages
  • Developing a personal practice routine for ongoing spirit connection

Week 8: Summary & Practice

  • Reflections and overview of your learning
  • Practice session to reinforce the topics covered
  • Discussion of next steps

This program provides an introductory framework for developing mediumship abilities.

For the more advanced student, the system will be customized to your specific desires.

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"I scheduled an appointment with Colleen after my Dad passed away. From the beginning of the appointment Colleen put me at ease. She is someone so easy to talk to, kind, understanding and non judgmental. Once we started, it was like she knew me and everything about me. Then my Dad came right through. He was right there talking to me, reassuring me, and answering all of my questions. I cannot even express how much this session gave me peace-about him, other loved ones who passed and about me, my life and my ability to move forward. It was truly an incredible and amazing experience. I am forever grateful to Colleen and I am certain you will be too ❤️"


~ Megan