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Looking for a trusted space to receive guidance and answers to the questions that constantly replay in your mind?

You’ve found it right here with Ask Colleen: Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations, your weekly infusion of soul-fueling, consciousness-expanding discussion.  

Hosted by renowned spiritual practitioner Colleen St. Michaels, this podcast is an inspired extension of her heart. In this place, awakened individuals from all walks of life come together, united by the deep desire to intuitively lead their lives to shift, grow, and expand their consciousness.


In each episode, Colleen discusses spiritual topics and takes questions from the community, offering listeners a safe space to pose questions they might hesitate to ask during personal growth and confusion.

Colleen's unique skills and experience make her the perfect host for a podcast like Ask Colleen: Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations. As a professional spiritual practitioner, mentor, author, angel, intuitive, spiritual guide, and medium with over two decades of experience, Colleen deeply understands the spiritual realm and how it intersects with our everyday lives. Her insights and wisdom can help listeners navigate even the toughest challenges gracefully and clearly.

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Ask Colleen: Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations is a safe space to find peace and clarity amid a world that often feels loud, confusing, and lonely. Right now, you may be healing past traumas, exploring emotional wounds, breaking free from toxic patterns, navigating shadow work moving in and out of relationships, contemplating change, or weighing myriad choices from the mundane to the impossible. Colleen is here to tell you: you do not have to walk this journey alone. 

You deserve to have the right tools available, no matter your situation. This podcast allows you to feel spiritually wealthy and equipped to transform yourself. You will be inspired to take trusted, intuitive action as you soak in the guidance Colleen and her team of angels offer. Whether you gain inspiration from those who call in or feel led to ask Colleen your own questions, you will feel your soul expand. 

Colleen invites questions of all types: from spiritual development, energy, angels, the afterlife, grief, change, personal growth, and relationships to overcoming obstacles and uncovering one's purpose, the possibilities are endless.

As a child who was scolded for asking too many questions, Colleen assures listeners that there are no stupid questions in this space. If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, if your spirit is buzzing with a desire to unite and learn, then you are in the right place! 

Tune in each Wednesday for your weekly dose of soul inspiration. 



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