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Align to the Wisdom of Your Soul's

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I partner with...

lightworkers, and sensitive beings to connect intimately with their soul's wisdom through spiritual development, empowering them to make healing changes that significantly impact their lives and our world.

Intuition is guidance from the soul, healing utilizes the wisdom spoken from the soul, and inspiration are the ideas inspired by your soul

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New Beginnings

And Soulful Alignments

As we know, change is constant in life, and it's important to honor the release process to receive and realign to your purpose and become a vibrational, emotional, physical, and spiritual match to the life you desire. 

This past year, I paused to listen to the guidance steps. My team in the light reminded me that something doesn't have to be a negative experience to end, but a cycle of rebirth. 

As of January 2023,

I am releasing all my one-on-one sessions and focusing on my purpose and passion as a mission-based lightworker. Teaching others how to create an intuitive, self-led, healed life is vital to the changes in our world today. I've spent decades learning the shortcuts to self-mastery. 

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"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

-Albert Einstein

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Ways To Work Together

Fear and Darkness Have No Power Over The Wisdom Of The Soul

Coaching packages are designed and customized to fit your desire for spiritual growth and wisdom.

1:1 Spiritual Coaching & Mentorship program


Customized coaching programs to help guide you through the phases of growth you are in with spiritual teaching to develop/deepen your spiritual gifts or support tools to learn and grow through specific life challenges and open up your inner resources.

Online Group Courses

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Alone, we are strong in our purpose. Together, we are all much stronger with the impact of our purpose.

Spiritual Practitioner Mentorship

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Lightworkers Seeking Advanced Mentorship

Self-Paced Online Course


Beginner Courses - Learn To Partner and Communicate with Angels

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Online Coaching, Learning & 1:1 Spiritual Development

Colleen St.Michaels

Spiritual Growth & Development Expert

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