Welcome Soulful Friends

As a pure soul having a human experience, the innate gift of intuition, inspiration, transformation, and empowerment to express your light, celebrate spirituality and access your true essence from your heart is already within you.


You are entering a soulful space of awakened wisdom and community. I am here to inspire, educate and support you with proven methods to assist the spiritually awakened to release the resistance holding you back from fully radiating your light. 


Your soul’s voice has awakened, urging you to walk away from the density of fear, limiting beliefs, lack, and confusion and emerge onto the courageous path of healing to break free as you remember who you truly are.

Take A Moment And Breathe


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Enjoy this audio recording, I share with you a short breathing practice.

After listening, you will experience your shoulders softening, stillness in your mind and body, and a wave of calmness washing over you.

New Courses

Colleen St.Michaels Academy 

Learn To Communicate and Partner
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 Lave Om - Living Change


Intuitive teachings, thought-provoking insights, and a myriad of spiritual topics for the soul-curious earth voyager. Developed for those on a quest to connect the sacred parts of themselves to remember the truth of who they are to harness the light within them and bring forth the significant impact of their soul’s design into the world.  Colleen is on a mission to nourish the soul of all the people she engages with, to rise above the limiting beliefs. She is witnessing talented lightworkers hold back from fully remembering who they are due to fear, past life soul memories, and the density within this space. Colleen appreciates how sacred each person's soul light contributes to collective healing. LOVE, trust, and laughter are felt and heard throughout all of Colleen’s platforms. In creating these talks, Colleen’s purpose is to inform you about living a life guided by self-leadership. The information Colleen shares will serve you to strengthen your inner knowingness, remember who you are, and connect to your inherent intuitive awareness. The more you acknowledge the direction of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and experiences that have molded your life, the easier it is to identify the patterns that no longer support you or your soul's purpose as you move through change. We have influential teams in the light who desire to connect with you to feel loved, courageous, guided, and supported. Each episode will leave you feeling trusting and ready to apply subtle practices to peel back the layers of life that have you struggling and confused.  Colleen brings over a decade of experience as an advanced spiritual practitioner, intuition mentor, and author; she has taught thousands of clients how to navigate easily through change by learning to hear and trust their intuitive voice.


Ask Colleen

Spirtuual Soutions to Life Situations

Colleen St.Michaels is asking you to ask her questions. Colleen shares her knowledge acquired over the last; the angels and teams in the light address the source of what is not aligned and not the symptoms you are emotionally and physically feeling. of the spiritual solutions to life's situations learned from asking questions; the angels and teams in the light address the source of what is not aligned and not the symptoms you are emotionally and physically feeling. The transformation you will experience will allow your light to radiate because now more than ever, your light is needed in your world and ours!

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