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Hi There!

I'm Colleen...

An Intuitive Development expert, Angel enthusiast, and writer who is passionate about showing you how to navigate intuitive development offering access to your soul's genius. You have a powerful, soulful contribution to offer in our world.

The Time is Now to Be Your True Self

It is time to remove our masks and reveal our true selves to the world. We have hidden behind facades for too long, afraid of being judged or rejected. But the time has come to rise, be seen, embrace our unique gifts, and share them with the world. Let us no longer be afraid of our unique gifts but celebrate them. Let us support and encourage one another to be our authentic selves. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels safe and accepted for who they truly are. So let us unite as soul friends, and show the world the beauty and power of the human spirit. 

Living Soulfully Connected

I'm often asked how I began my career as a spiritual practitioner.

Trusting Myself: A Journey to Embrace the Unknown
The short answer is trust. But the journey to get there was not easy, filled with moments of war and peace. I rocked nervously in the spiritual closet for three years before finally opening my business. Mastering my skills came with deep inner work, reflective awareness, healing, and most importantly, surrendering to my intuitive voice. I learned to trust myself and love myself, even when it meant following an unknown pathway to live my life as it was destined.
With over a decade of expertise as an intuitive expert, spiritual practitioner, medium, speaker, oracle card developer, and author, my passion for sharing knowledge with others on how to develop their innate gifts and align with their highest vibrational selves to thrive is felt in the spirit of all my work.
I am on a mission to nourish the souls of all the people I teach and help them raise their perception above limiting beliefs, fear, and doubt to BELIEVE how capable they are of following their desires and experiencing life like one is watching.
In my podcasts, LaveOm - Living Change and Ask Colleen, I welcome you into the soul classroom to share ways to embrace the voyage through change, healing, and radical self-belief through the gift of intuition. The methods I share are the footprints left in the sand from my healing journey. I discovered the shortcuts to mastery so you can trust your intuitive voice and be the light bridge joining the world around us with the world above as one.
Remember who you are...
A bright light in a world that is awakening.

A personal note

Take a minute to read if you feel your confidence is wavering.

I woke up one morning incredibly thankful. A delicious breeze was coming through my window, and I heard the sounds of seagulls and ocean waves in the distance. 

I opened my eyes to drink in this incredible feeling. I thought to myself, 'Thank you,' and I felt a single tear fall down my cheek. 

It was like a memory box opened this morning, reflecting where I had been years ago, uncertain of how I would house and feed my children. How was I going to take care of everyone and build a business? I was only one person, and my shoulders felt heavy with the weight most days.

At night, I struggled to fall asleep because my mind wouldn't stop. I had lost my marriage, my home, my bank accounts, and the role I played for over 17 years. I was wondering how to get help from the state for health benefits and whatever else. I thought to myself, 'Who the f's life is this?' One night, I was starting this mental movie, and I heard, 'STOP. STOP! No one can steal your soul's wisdom or faith. You are strong in your faith. Lean in and dive deeper in.' Like the cool breeze that came through my window this morning, these words rushed through my body, calmed me, and my soul latched on to that phrase, 'NO ONE CAN STEAL YOUR SOUL'S WISDOM OR FAITH.'  

After that restless night long ago, I learned the answers to my worries were not to be found by asking "how." The solution was in the surrender. So I surrendered it all, and I filled my God box daily with my fears and worries and said thank you for the best outcomes. I surrendered and kept whispering to myself my faith is more powerful than my fear.

I  made uncomfortable decisions and changes, moving three times in 5 years so I was able to finacally afford the costs of build my business and invest in our future by doing my soul's work. My children were my best teammates because they never fought but went along with me. I guess they trusted me and surrendered as I was doing with God. 

Every morning, I woke up and said thank you. We didn't have much, but I never felt poor or lacked anything. My spiritual bank account was full, and I knew it would keep us safe always.  

I don't often share my story because it's not my story anymore. I've written a new story based on the life I want and chose to live with faith as my fuel, angels by my side, soul-led intuition living, and love in my heart. 

I share this because if you're feeling helpless, confused, or lost, don't give up hope. When I developed my intuition and started working with the angels, it wasn't to start a business (that has been my divine blessing bonus). It was to help me navigate my life. I took a chance and believed in myself, and then the magic happened.

I'm not exempt from life challenges, stress, or obstacles because I developed my inner gift, a gift we all have. I now have a different view of how to take control of my choices, and reactions and not get caught up in why people do what they do, but to own my responses. 

You are more than your story. Listen to the voice deep within to comfort and love you. 

I believe in you, I send love to you, and I support you! May you find peace in you. 



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