Coaching Testimonials

Colleen is a “first mentor” and a "forever mentor” in my life. I have been in the community with and learning from Colleen for nearly a decade.

I met her when I was in the space of “rock bottom,” the tail end of many years spent denying and burying both my intuitive gifts and innate worthiness. It was through Colleen’s graceful consciousness and unparalleled intuitive awareness that she was able to reach me in that dark place, and throughout every level of my personal ascension, since then.

Colleen is vulnerable and honest about her journey, creating an experience of mentorship that feels like walking alongside a sibling. It is obvious, when mentoring Colleen that she embodies the truth that we are all equal, all unique, and all connected through Source. She is as light and carefree as her message is poignant and transformative, which is saying a lot! Walking alongside Colleen has empowered me to forge my own unique journey with Source and Self, transition lifetimes of grief into gratitude and a deep embrace of our infinite oneness, and consistently seek and embrace pleasure, laughter, and joy in each present moment.

I am eternally grateful for Colleen, my friend, and mentor in this life.

— Beth Barling | Beth Barling Wellness

I have had the pleasure of working with Colleen for the past 20 years, and I can confidently say that she is the most skilled intuitive I have ever encountered. Despite frequently moving over the years, I always return to her as a mentor because of her exceptional abilities. Working with her feels like spending time with a close friend; her insights and information are always clear and accurate.

When I decided to pursue a more professional path using my intuitive gifts, Colleen provided invaluable guidance on understanding better and operating my intuition. Her validation and support were essential in helping me establish myself in the world. I cannot speak highly enough of Colleen and her exceptional abilities. Warm regards

— Dr. Cipparrone

**I appreciate the person I am…**

“Colleen’s guidance and mentoring have allowed me to move past blocks that have been holding me back for a very long time. I have learned to trust my intuition and appreciate being open to change and opportunities I have not previously had.

Working with Colleen has brought me to a higher level of trust, understanding, and peace within myself. ***I appreciate the person I am*** daily and am grateful for all I have to offer. Colleen has helped me live daily with grace, patience, and forgiveness and put myself first. It is an incredible gift that I have received from her. Colleen is a gifted healer, lightworker, and teacher. I’m so grateful for her healing presence in my life.

— CK

The best coaches ask the best questions… ones that make you think.

Colleen’s intuitive talents, combined with her caring and creativity, provide the sacred space to explore the answers to those provocative questions that we never make an effort to ask ourselves.

Life lessons learned and problems solved with compassion and grace!


Cheryl Caliri | Earth Angels For Dementia -Non-Profit

Within my spiritual journey I have learned great things from Colleen. I came to her at a time in my life when I was lost and could not find my way. I had psychic abilities that needed to be developed and she was the one of the few, if not the only person who believed in me. As I would book my sessions with her, she helped me gain confidence and showed love like no one I ever met.

Colleen helped me heal and opened up a new world that I thought I would never reach. Her knowledge goes far beyond any spiritual coach I have encountered. Working with her has been one of the best things that has happened in my life. I am able to understand my own feelings thanks to Colleen. I learned to love me for who I am with her help. Her sessions were always accurate and she never given any false information. Her classes give the perfect balance of mentorship while giving space for you to show up and work on yourself. My life changed after following her loving guidance and expertise after all these years.

You will leave knowing the right steps to take even when you are faced with fear.


When I first started working with the angels I was in a pretty dark place. I never really felt balanced, like everyone around me seemed to have a playbook for life and I somehow was missing a whole important section. Working with the angels was that missing section for me.

I learned to finally trust my intuition and re-align my life in a way that’s has brought amazing people into my life as well as, the confidence to follow my gut and say yes to opportunities I normally wouldn’t.

Learning from Colleen how to expand my intuition and connect with the angels has truly been a blessing. I know this may sound like a “cliche” but it’s truly the only way to describe it.