Episode 9: Dreams, Mediumship, and the Afterlife: Exploring the Mysteries of the Soul

#mediumship #podcast Apr 09, 2024

In this episode, Colleen St.Michaels dives into the world of mediumship and shares her insights and experiences as a professional medium. She emphasizes the importance of dreaming big and never giving up on our dreams, as well as the need to align our dreams with our passions and joy. Colleen also discusses the process of crossing over and the reunion that takes place in the afterlife. She explains how our loved ones on the other side want us to continue living and finding joy, as it brings them closer to us. Colleen touches on the concept of vibration and how it plays a role in connecting with the spirit world. She also provides a glimpse into the life review process and how it is a beautiful reflection of our successes and growth during our time on Earth.



Key Takeaways:

  • Dreams should be honored and allowed to flow through us, regardless of others' opinions or support.
  • Our loved ones on the other side want us to continue living and finding joy, as it brings them closer to us.
  • Vibration is the key to connecting with the spirit world and receiving messages from our loved ones.
  • Crossing over is a sacred and beautiful process, where our loved ones are reunited with their angels and other loved ones who have crossed over.
  • The life review process is not about judgment or guilt, but rather a reflection of our successes and growth during our time on Earth.


  • "Dream big, dream bold, just never stop dreaming."
  • "If your dream is in alignment with your destiny and your soul, all the pieces will come together."
  • "Our loved ones on the other side want to talk with us more than we want to talk with them."
  • "Love is the only thing that is real on the other side."
  • "An apology from the afterlife is the purest apology you will ever receive."


Dreams have the power to shape our reality and guide us towards our true purpose. As Colleen St. Michaels, a professional medium, explains, dreaming big and never stopping dreaming is essential for personal growth and fulfillment. Often, we limit our dreams based on past failures or present circumstances, but in reality, we are all students on a journey of learning and growth.

Colleen encourages us to shift our perspective on failure and see it as a "first attempt in learning." By embracing this mindset, we can overcome self-doubt and pursue our passions with joy and determination. It is important to discern between dreams that align with our true desires and those that are merely distractions. By honoring our inner calling and following our passions, we can manifest our dreams and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Mediumship: Bridging the Gap Between Worlds

Mediumship is a sacred practice that allows us to communicate with the afterlife and receive messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. Colleen emphasizes the importance of raising our vibration and being present in the moment to connect with the spirit realm. Our loved ones on the other side are eager to communicate with us and let us know that they are okay. They want us to continue living our lives to the fullest and find joy even in their absence.

When someone crosses over, they transition from the physical realm to the soul realm. They leave behind their physical body and return to their true essence as a spirit. Colleen explains that only fragments of our soul travel with us during each incarnation, as carrying the entirety of our soul would negate the purpose of free will and growth. Our loved ones in the afterlife are always around us, supporting us and guiding us from the spiritual realm.

The Afterlife: A Journey of Love and Healing

When our loved ones cross over, they experience a reunion with their angels and other loved ones who have passed before them. They are greeted with love and acceptance, and any fears or pain they may have experienced in their physical life are dissolved. Colleen describes the afterlife as a place of pure knowledge and wisdom, where emotions such as shame, guilt, and anger do not exist.

During the life review process, our loved ones witness the impact of their actions on our lives. They have the opportunity to apologize and heal any wounds they may have caused. Colleen emphasizes that the apologies from the afterlife are the purest form of apology, as they come from a place of deep understanding and love. Our loved ones on the other side want to be a part of our healing journey and help us move forward with love and forgiveness.

Embracing the Mysteries of the Soul

In conclusion, dreams, mediumship, and the afterlife are interconnected aspects of our spiritual journey. By embracing our dreams and never stopping dreaming, we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities and growth. Mediumship allows us to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, connecting us with our loved ones in the afterlife. The afterlife is a place of love, healing, and wisdom, where our loved ones continue to support and guide us.

As we navigate this human experience, it is important to remember that we are all infants in certain aspects of our lives. We must be patient with ourselves and honor the process of growth and learning. By raising our vibration, being present in the moment, and trusting in the connection with the afterlife, we can experience profound healing and transformation.

So, let us embrace the mysteries of the soul and embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and love. Dream big, connect with the afterlife, and allow the wisdom of the universe to guide us on our path.

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Colleen has appeared on daytime talk shows and numerous podcasts, such as The Badass Manifester. As a professionally trained and certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Intuitive and Angelic Therapist, her passion  is helping coaches, lightworkers and wellness professionals develop a deep trust in their intuition so they make the biggest impact possible.

Colleen's guidance from the Peace Warrior Deck is a source of inspiration and insight in every episode. Her passion for providing tools to shift confusion to clarity inspired her to create these guidance cards to support you on your daily journey.

She is also the author of The Other Side of Addiction, a Self Help Book and Interactive Workbook. It aims to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to addiction and the subsequent grief. Along with these accomplishments, Colleen is a mother to her two beautiful children and her golden retriever, Pierogi. Colleen's favorite place is in nature, whether sitting, walking, or daydreaming by the sea.

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