Live Your Highest Vibration Every Day

Discover the Daily Spiritual Hygiene Practices you Need to Protect, Maintain, and Increase Your Energy

This handbook will teach you how to: 

  • Use proven shielding techniques to protect your energy from the lower and negative vibrational influences of others
  • Improve your intuition so you can trust your inner voice with less self-doubt & anxiety 
  • Restore your mind-body balance so you can feel lighter & in control of your emotions 
  • Implement daily mindful habits to help you stay aware, grounded, and intentional about how you share and exchange your energy 

I’m Colleen,

Spiritual Teacher & Expert Intuitive Development Coach. I’ve become known as the
Healer’s Healer because of my pioneering work with spiritual practitioners, wellness professionals, and other lightworkers. 


For a long time, I failed to realize that the moods of other people, situations, or events experienced were energetically draining me. Once I learned the power of shielding, everything changed. 

  • My intuition expanded exponentially. 
  • I felt strong mental and emotional alignment in all situations.
  • My anxiety (which had really been my absorption of other people’s anxiety), disappeared.  
  • I began to thrive spiritually and vibrationally, kickstarting my path to ascension. 

It is my mission to teach other healers and lightworkers the absolutely vital practice of shielding, which is why I’m thrilled to gift you this copy of the Spiritual Hygiene Handbook.

Inside, you will find the exact daily practices I use to surround myself with protections of the highest spiritual vibration.

I can’t wait for you to experience the power of this crucial yet often overlooked form of self-care.