Episode 4: Shifting The Energy from Fear to Freedom

#podcast feartofreedom Mar 05, 2024

In this episode, Colleen St. Michaels discusses the topic of life's purpose and addresses the emotions of fear, confusion, and the sense of wonder that arise when contemplating one's higher purpose. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with one's intuition and higher vibrational self in order to gain insight into and fulfill one's soul's purpose. Colleen explains that our purpose does not need to be a spectacle to be important,  but rather a unique journey that aligns with the blueprint of our souls. She urges listeners to refrain from comparing themselves to others and instead concentrate on their own individual path. Moreover, Colleen highlights the significance of self-love, kindness, and being present in one's life as integral components of one's purpose. She emphasizes the need to relinquish fear and limiting beliefs in order to access the power of co-creation and manifest a fulfilling life.


Key Takeaways:

  • Fear is a lower vibrational energy that creates static in our intuition and hinders the ability to receive clear guidance.
  • Our purpose does not always have to be a grand display for it to be important. It can be a unique and beautiful journey that aligns with our soul's essence.
  • When we constantly compare ourselves to others, we risk abandoning the path that aligns with our soul's potential.
  • To live a purposeful life, it is essential to be fully present in the moment, show gratitude for what is, kindness, and nurture self-love.
  •  We possess the power to shape our thoughts, actions, and ultimately the reality we create. 
  • If you don't take control of your thoughts, someone else's will.


  • "Fear at times is a necessary emotional response, but when we live in a state of fear, we confine ourselves to a limited space where we are unable to sense the frequency of our intuition speaking." - Colleen St.Michaels
  •  "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."- Colleen St.Michaels
  • "Our soul's purpose is not always to live out loud, but rather to find fulfillment in the simple acts of daily life. It is through acts of kindness, gratitude, and compassion that we align with our true essence. To be kind to ourselves, loving and nurturing to ourselves, is a sacred duty that allows our souls to flourish and radiate love to the world."Colleen St.Michaels
  • "It is your responsibility to heal the wounds that hinder your soul's destiny from becoming a reality” - Colleen St.Michaels
  • "Every experience you have had before you awakened was intentional for your soul growth." - Colleen St.Michaels


The "Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations" podcast dives into the profound questions that often leave people feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied. In this particular episode, Colleen explores the subject of life's purpose and shares spiritual wisdom on how to uncover and align with one's true calling. Utilizing her expertise as a Spiritual Guide medium, and angelic communicator, Colleen offers valuable insights to individuals seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment. providing a deep understanding of spiritual principles and practices. 

Embracing Mind Magic: Shifting from Fear to Trust

The first theme explored in this episode is the concept of "mind magic" and its impact on our ability to connect with our life's purpose. Colleen explains that fear is like smoke and mirrors, often creating a limited perspective that hinders our intuition and prevents us from fully embracing our soul's calling. While fear is necessary for survival, living in a constant state of fear disconnects us from our higher vibrational self and the guidance it offers.

Colleen emphasizes the importance of developing our intuitive intelligence and learning to trust our inner knowing. She explains that our mind, while essential for keeping us safe, is limited to the information it has gathered from our past experiences. To tap into our soul's purpose, we need to shift our focus from the mind to our intuitive impressions, which come from a place of trust and higher vibrational frequency. By clearing the energy of fear and doubt, we create space for our intuition to guide us toward ourpurpose.

Unveiling the Soul's Purpose: Embracing the Journey

The second theme explored in this episode is the misconception that our life's purpose has to be something grand or massive. Colleen explains that each of us is a unique soul created from the light, and our purpose is intricately connected to our individual soul prints. Comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we're missing our mark only distracts us from our own journey.

The host encourages listeners to recoil from comparing themselves to others and instead focus on their own reality. She emphasizes that our purpose is not just about achieving material success or external validation. It is about experiencing the density of this earthly plane while raising our vibration and embodying qualities such as kindness, self-love, and compassion. Our purpose is to be leaders in our own healing and to release the limitations that have been passed down through generations.

The Power of Self-Reflection: Taking Ownership of Our Lives

The third theme explored in this episode is the importance of self-reflection and taking ownership of our lives. Colleen highlights the role of accountability in discovering and aligning with our life's purpose. She explains that blaming others or external circumstances for our dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment only gives away our power.

Instead, Colleen encourages listeners to ask themselves empowering questions that lead to self-discovery and growth. By identifying the symptoms of our challenges and understanding the source of our limitations, we can begin the healing process and create space for new opportunities. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and choices allows us to shift our perspective and co-create a reality aligned with our soul's purpose.

Embracing Your Soul's Purpose: A Journey of Self-Discovery

In conclusion, discovering our life's purpose is not about finding a grand or massive calling. It is about embracing the journey and aligning with our soul's unique path. By shifting from fear to trust, embracing our intuitive intelligence, and taking ownership of our lives, we can tap into our soul's purpose and create a reality that is aligned with our highest potential.

Remember, your purpose is not defined by external achievements or comparisons to others. It is about being true to yourself, developing a loving relationship with yourself, and embracing the opportunities for growth and expansion that come your way. Trust in your intuition, release the limitations that hold you back, and step into your power as a co-creator of your reality. Your soul's purpose is waiting to be discovered and embraced.

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Colleen is also the author of The Other Side of Addiction, a Self Help Book and Interactive Workbook. It aims to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to addiction and the subsequent grief. Along with these accomplishments, Colleen is a mother to her two beautiful children and her golden retriever, Pierogi. Colleen's favorite place is in nature, whether sitting, walking, or daydreaming by the sea.

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