Episode 15: The Show Must Go On

#discoveringpotential #podcast Jul 03, 2024

In this episode, Colleen St. Michaels discusses the concept of viewing life as a play or a TV show and taking on different roles. She encourages listeners to reflect on the roles they play in their own lives and in the lives of others. Colleen emphasizes the importance of detaching from attachments and being in the flow of life. She also shares an exercise to help listeners identify the roles they have assigned to people in their lives and reassess those assignments. The episode concludes with a reminder to take ownership of actions, release negativity, and create a narrative that brings joy and fulfillment.

 Key Takeaways

  • Viewing life as a play or a TV show can help us choose creative roles and be intentional in how we live our lives.
  • Detaching from attachments allows us to be in the flow of life and experience joy and inspiration.
  • We have the power to reassess the roles we have assigned to people in our lives and set boundaries.
  • Taking ownership of our actions and releasing negativity empowers us to create a joyful narrative.


Viewing your life with a new perception allows you to detach from the attachments that tether you to frustration, fear, and disappointment. Spirit needs fluidity to move, and attachments often leave us stuck. By becoming an observer of your life without judgment, you can identify areas that need attention and those where you feel content.

Intentional Awareness

Without being an observer, you may feel like you're on autopilot, hoping for a radical change to whisk you away. Instead, become a participant in your transformation. Ask yourself: Am I the director or the lead? Have I abandoned my play? Recognize that there is no quick fix to a long-running narrative. Thoughtful steps of awareness will help you step into the director's seat and rewrite your script.

Reassigning Roles

Grab a piece of paper and list the people in your life—your cast members. What roles have you assigned them? Often, we assign people the leads in our lives without their audition. This leads to unmet expectations and resentment. Understand the roles people play and reassign them if needed, with love and respect.

Empower Yourself

Taking ownership of your actions without judgment empowers you. It's not about blaming others but recognizing and making choices that align with your inner being. Offer yourself forgiveness for past roles and get creative. Write down what you want your character to feel and the experiences you desire.

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Colleen St. Michaels is a renowned Intuitive Spiritual Teacher specializing in Intuitive Development. She is a coach, motivational speaker, author, and a pioneer in the Spiritual Healing community, often called the healer's healer. Colleen works with individuals and groups, teaching tools to help them reach their highest potential emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and physically.

For more than a decade, she has worked with thousands of clients, witnessing their transformations through her methods.

Colleen has appeared on daytime talk shows and numerous podcasts, such as The Badass Manifester. As a professionally trained and certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Intuitive and Angelic Therapist, her passion  is helping coaches, lightworkers and wellness professionals develop a deep trust in their intuition so they make the biggest impact possible.

Colleen's guidance from the Peace Warrior Deck is a source of inspiration and insight in every episode. Her passion for providing tools to shift confusion to clarity inspired her to create these guidance cards to support you on your daily journey.

She is also the author of The Other Side of Addiction, a Self Help Book and Interactive Workbook. It aims to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to addiction and the subsequent grief. Along with these accomplishments, Colleen is a mother to her two beautiful children and her golden retriever, Pierogi. Colleen's favorite place is in nature, whether sitting, walking, or daydreaming by the sea.

To learn how to work with Colleen, visit: https://www.colleenstmichaels.com/work-with-me