Episode 14: Choosing a Medium: What Qualities to Look for with Kristen Griffiths

#mediumship #podcast Jun 18, 2024


In this episode, Colleen St. Michaels and Kristen Griffiths discuss mediumship and spirituality. Kristen shares her inspiration for starting her podcast, Clarity to Consciousness, which aims to make spirituality more accessible to beginners. They also explore the question of whether anyone can be a medium and what qualities to look for when seeking a medium. Colleen explains the difference between speaking with angels and speaking with loved ones who have crossed over, emphasizing the importance of living life fully and not being afraid to take risks. In this part of the conversation, Colleen St.Michaels discusses the potential dangers and precautions in mediumship practices.

She explains that lower vibrational entities are attracted to light and that spiritual hygiene is essential for protection. She emphasizes the importance of personal vibration and discernment when connecting with spirits. Colleen also cautions against using Ouija boards and shares a personal experience of a client who connected with a false light. She advises listeners to trust themselves and their intuition and offers insights into how mediums perceive spirits.


Key Takeaways

  • Clarity to Consciousness is a podcast aimed at beginners on their spiritual journey, providing valuable insights and teachings from various guests.
  • Anyone has the capability to practice mediumship and connect with the spiritual realm, but it requires dedication, commitment, and the ability to tune in to the frequency.
  • When seeking a medium, it is important to listen to your gut, ask for referrals, and have a clear intention for the session.
  • Mediumship and speaking with angels intersect in the sense that they are both part of a divine network of support, but they serve different purposes and offer different perspectives.
  • Living life fully and without fear is essential, as our loved ones on the other side encourage us to embrace joy and not be held back by self-imposed limitations. Lower vibrational entities are attracted to light, so it is important to maintain spiritual hygiene and protect one's energy.
  • Personal vibration and discernment are crucial when connecting with spirits to avoid negative or false energies.
  • Using Ouija boards is not recommended as they can invite unwanted entities and negative experiences.
  • Mediums may perceive spirits through feelings, images, or thoughts rather than seeing them with their physical eyes.


In this episode of "Ask Colleen Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations," Colleen St. Michaels welcomes her friend and former client, Kristen Griffiths. Kristen, who has been inspired by her own spiritual journey and learning from mentors like Colleen, has recently launched her podcast, "Clarity to Consciousness." This episode delves into Kristen's motivations and experiences as she embarks on sharing her spiritual insights with a broader audience.

Exploring Mediumship and Spiritual Connection

Kristen shares her inspiration behind starting "Clarity to Consciousness," explaining how her experiences and growth motivated her to give back to others by sharing the valuable lessons she has learned from various spiritual teachers. The podcast aims to create a safe space for individuals to explore spirituality, offering insights and guidance in a way that is relatable and easy to understand.

Identifying a Genuine Medium

Throughout the episode, Colleen and Kristen explore the challenges faced by empaths and the importance of setting boundaries. They discuss how empaths often feel the need to help others, sometimes at their own expense, and how it's crucial to balance compassion with self-care. Colleen shares her personal experiences and insights on overcoming the inner critic and embracing self-love.


This episode provides a rich and insightful conversation about the nuances of mediumship, the journey of spiritual growth, and the importance of self-compassion and authenticity in the spiritual practice. Kristen Griffiths' new podcast, "Clarity to Consciousness," is presented as a valuable resource for those seeking to embark on their own spiritual journeys, offering guidance and support in a relatable and accessible manner.

About Kristen Griffiths

Kristen, host of Clarity to Consciousness podcast, guides listeners on a transformative journey to explore consciousness. Her own path from conventional norms to self-discovery fuels her mission to inspire growth and healing through spirituality and unconventional modalities. Join her for insightful conversations and embark on a voyage to clarify consciousness.

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