Episode 13: Navigating Grief and Loss in Mediumship: Holding Space for Healing

#grief #podcast Jun 05, 2024

In this episode of "Ask Colleen, Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations," Colleen St. Michaels discusses the importance of holding space for individuals who are going through intense grief and loss during mediumship sessions. 

She shares her personal journey as a medium and offers valuable insights and guidance for practitioners in the field. Colleen emphasizes the sacredness of the mediumship practice and the privilege of being a conduit for messages from the spirit world. She also highlights the role of lightworkers in helping individuals navigate through grief and find healing and peace.

Key themes discussed in this episode include the thinning veil between realms, the soul contracts we have with others, the power of holding space for others, and the importance of raising our vibration to connect with the spirit world.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Holding space for individuals going through intense grief and loss during mediumship sessions is a sacred and privileged role.
  • As a medium, it is important to be a conduit for messages from the spirit world and not to include oneself in the client's pain.
  • Mediumship is about providing tools for healing and helping individuals navigate through grief to find peace and understanding.
  • The veil between realms is thinning, allowing for increased communication and connection with the spirit world.
  • Soul contracts exist between individuals, and mediumship can help individuals reconnect with their loved ones in the spirit world.


  • "Our job as lightworkers is to allow people to be where they're at and then create information through messaging that elevates their vibration."
  • "True mediumship is not just giving the messages. It is about helping them with the tools to healing."
  • "The veil is thinning because we are raising our vibration and closing the gap between communication with the spirit world."
  • "Mediumship is a privilege and an honor. It is not a joke or a carnival attraction."
  • "Our job is to give them the tools to heal, give them the information to thrive and grow through this challenging part of their life chart."


In this episode of Ask Colleen, spiritual practitioner Colleen St. Michaels delves into the topic of holding space for individuals who are going through intense trauma, grief, and loss. She emphasizes the importance of approaching this role with reverence and understanding, as it is a privilege to be able to provide guidance and messages from the spiritual realm.

Colleen shares her personal journey of initially feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle the emotions and pain that clients brought to her during mediumship sessions. However, through guidance from the angelic realm, she learned valuable lessons about energy, shielding, and grounding, which allowed her to better hold space for others.

The Role of Energy and Shielding

Colleen explains that everything is energy, and as spiritual practitioners, it is crucial to be aware of our own energy and the energy of those we are working with. She emphasizes the need to release any heavy energy and avoid adding to the burdens of those already experiencing grief and loss.

When providing mediumship readings or spiritual guidance, it is essential to remember that the purpose is to help individuals find peace and healing. By sharing messages from their loved ones in spirit, practitioners can help lift the weight of grief and provide a sense of comfort and connection.

Colleen also highlights the importance of shielding, which involves protecting one's own energy field from being overwhelmed or influenced by the emotions and energy of others. By maintaining a clear and balanced state, practitioners can better serve their clients and provide accurate and uplifting messages.

Grounding and Navigating the New Normal

Another aspect of holding space is helping individuals navigate their new normal after experiencing loss. Colleen explains that grief can create a sense of disorientation and uncertainty, and it is the role of the spiritual practitioner to guide clients towards healing and understanding.

By raising their vibration and connecting with their loved ones in spirit, individuals can find solace and receive guidance on how to move forward. Colleen emphasizes the importance of allowing individuals to feel whatever they need to feel without judgment, as this is part of the healing process.

Ultimately, the goal is to help individuals find peace, release any guilt or myths they may hold about their loved ones not wanting them to experience joy, and embrace their new normal with ease and grace. Holding space involves providing the tools and information needed for individuals to heal and thrive in the face of grief and loss.


Holding space for individuals going through intense grief and loss is a sacred privilege that requires compassion, understanding, and a deep respect for the energy involved. By maintaining a clear and balanced state, practitioners can provide accurate and uplifting messages from the spiritual realm, helping individuals find peace and navigate their new normal.

The power of holding space lies in the ability to release heavy energy, provide comfort and connection, and guide individuals towards healing and understanding. By raising their vibration and connecting with their loved ones in spirit, individuals can find solace and receive the tools they need to move forward with ease and grace.

As spiritual practitioners, it is important to approach this role with reverence and to continually deepen our understanding of energy, shielding, and grounding. By doing so, we can better serve those who seek our guidance and support, and help them find peace and healing in the midst of their grief and loss.

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