Episode 11: Embracing Joy in Mediumship: Appreciating the Connection to the Spirit World

#mediumship #podcast Apr 22, 2024

In this episode of "Ask Colleen Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations," Colleen St. Michael discusses the importance of listening to your gut and trusting your intuition. She also emphasizes the ethics and boundaries of mediumship work, reminding readers to respect free will and seek professional therapy when necessary. Colleen shares her own experiences as a medium and offers guidance on creating an open channel for spirit communication. This episode provides valuable insights for both aspiring mediums and those seeking spiritual connections.



Key Takeaways:

  • Trust your gut and listen to your intuition. Pay attention to the signals your body and instincts are giving you. Investigate further when you feel a sense of unease or discomfort.
  • Mediumship is not about scaring or profiting off of people's pain. It is a sacred connection and communication with the spirit world, and should be approached with integrity and ethics.
  • Boundaries are important in mediumship work. Understand your limitations and stay in your lane. Refer clients to other professionals when necessary, such as therapists or energy workers.
  • Mediumship is a privilege and a blessing. It requires education, training, and a clear channel to deliver messages from the spirit world. Detach yourself from the messages and be a conduit of light.
  • Mediumship is not a party trick or something to be taken lightly. It involves working with people's deepest grief and trauma. Approach it with respect, compassion, and a commitment to helping others.


  • "Listening to our body and paying attention to our gut, our gut is such an amazing guide. When we listen and trust our gut, we're trusting our intuition." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "It is not about profiting off of people's worst times in that vulnerability. It's not about anything that's snake oil that is just keeping them dependent on you." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Mediumship work is a joy. It is a privilege to be able to stand in and hold space from your heart with people as they're going through their absolute worst day and create a space of light and information for them."


Mediumship is a sacred practice that allows us to connect with the spirit world and communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. In this blog, we will explore the importance of trusting your gut and listening to your intuition in mediumship work. We will delve into the significance of investigating and asking questions when your gut tells you something is off. By understanding and harnessing the power of intuition, we can enhance our mediumship abilities and create a deeper connection with the spirit realm.

Trusting Your Gut: The Voice of Intuition

Our gut instincts are like a compass, guiding us towards what feels right and warning us when something is amiss. In mediumship, our intuition plays a crucial role in receiving messages from the spirit world. Colleen St. Michaels, a renowned medium, emphasizes the importance of listening to your gut and paying attention to the signals it sends.

Colleen shares her personal experience of initially being afraid of mediumship and how her fear could have blocked the incredible gift she possesses. She encourages us to trust our intuition and have faith in ourselves, even when faced with fear and uncertainty. By allowing our intuition to guide us, we can open ourselves up to the wisdom and messages that the spirit world has to offer.

Investigating and Asking Questions

When practicing mediumship, it is essential to investigate and ask questions when your gut tells you something is off. Colleen highlights the importance of being aware of the messages our intuition is sending and taking the time to explore them further. She provides examples of situations where our gut instincts may be trying to communicate important information to us.

For instance, if you are in a job interview and your gut is twisting, it may be a sign that the job is not aligned with your true purpose. Instead of dismissing these feelings, Colleen encourages us to ask ourselves what our gut is trying to tell us. By asking the right questions and seeking answers from our intuition, we can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Ethics and Boundaries in Mediumship

Colleen emphasizes the importance of ethics and boundaries in mediumship. She cautions against profiting off of people's pain and vulnerability, highlighting the need for integrity in this sacred practice. Colleen shares her personal approach to mediumship, where she focuses on creating an open and light space for her clients, rather than fostering dependency.

She also stresses the need for mediums to understand their limitations and refer clients to other professionals when necessary. Colleen believes in the power of collaboration and building a network of trusted therapists and energy workers to provide holistic support to clients. By maintaining ethical practices and respecting boundaries, mediums can create a safe and empowering environment for their clients.

Final Thoughts

Trusting your gut and listening to your intuition are essential skills in mediumship. By honing these abilities, we can deepen our connection with the spirit world and deliver meaningful messages to those seeking guidance. It is crucial to investigate and ask questions when our intuition signals that something is off, as this can lead to valuable insights and a stronger connection with the spirit realm.

Ethics and boundaries play a vital role in mediumship, ensuring that clients receive the support they need without fostering dependency. By maintaining integrity and collaborating with other professionals, mediums can create a safe and empowering space for their clients to heal and find solace.

In conclusion, mediumship is a sacred practice that requires us to trust our intuition, investigate our gut instincts, and uphold ethical standards. By embracing these principles, we can unlock the full potential of our mediumship abilities and create a profound impact on the lives of those we serve. Trust your gut, listen to your intuition, and let the spirit world guide you on your mediumship journey.

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