Episode 1: Unlocking the Power of Intuition: Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations

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In this episode of "Ask Colleen: Spiritual Solutions for Light Situations," Colleen St. Michaels introduces her new podcast platform and shares her intention behind the show. She discusses the importance of support during a spiritual awakening and the loneliness and confusion that can accompany the process. Colleen emphasizes the power of intuition and how it can guide us through life's challenges. She introduces the concept of intuitive intelligence and explains how it is our inherent gift as spiritual beings. Colleen also outlines the mini-series of three episodes that will focus on intuition and how to unlock its power, overcome blockages, and trust its guidance.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Our intuition is our inherent gift as spiritual beings and is the key to unlocking our true essence.
  • Intuition communicates with us through our senses, such as feeling, hearing, and knowing.
  • Shielding our energy is essential for receiving clear intuitive messages and protecting ourselves from absorbing negative energies.
  • Intuitive inspiration often comes in subtle ways and may lead us in a different direction than we are used to.
  • Trusting our intuition requires active listening and a willingness to be open to the guidance it provides.


  • "Our intuition is an inherent gift of our intuitive intelligence spoken through our soul, creating a harmony between our logic and our intuitive intelligence." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Shielding our energy is not about being afraid, but about caring for ourselves and protecting our energetic well-being." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Intuitive inspiration and guidance will always be consistent, loving, and nurturing, and will never lead us into low vibrational experiences." - Colleen St. Michaels


Welcome to the first episode of Ask Colleen, Spiritual Solutions for Light Situations. In this podcast, Colleen St. Michaels shares her wisdom and experience as a spiritual mentor and guide. In this episode, she focuses on unlocking the power of intuition and how it can guide us through life's challenges. Colleen emphasizes the importance of support and aims to provide informative and supportive content to her listeners.

Shielding Your Energy: The Key to Receiving Intuitive Messages

Shielding our energy is the first step in unlocking the power of intuition. Colleen explains that our energy is our greatest asset and that we need to protect it. Just as we shield our physical bodies from harm, we must also shield our energy from negative influences. Colleen suggests a simple practice of calling upon Archangel Michael to shield and protect our energy. By doing so, we create a clear space for intuitive messages to come through.

Colleen emphasizes that shielding our energy is an act of self-love. It allows us to be observant rather than absorbent of the energies around us. When we are shielded, we can receive intuitive guidance without interference from external influences. This practice is essential for developing a strong connection with our intuition.

Trusting Your Intuition: Listening to the Gentle Voice Within

Trusting our intuition can be challenging, especially when our ego gets in the way. Colleen explains that our ego often speaks with indecisiveness, confusion, and negativity. On the other hand, our intuition speaks with gentleness, decisiveness, and love. It is important to distinguish between the two voices and to listen to the voice of our intuition.

Colleen suggests a simple exercise to practice listening to our intuition. By asking ourselves a question and giving ourselves a few seconds to receive an answer, we can discern whether it is our ego or our intuition speaking. The first answer we receive is usually the voice of our intuition, while subsequent answers may be the voice of our ego. By practicing active listening and trusting our intuition, we can make decisions that align with our true selves.

Intuitive Inspiration: Following the Path Less Traveled

Intuitive inspiration often leads us in a different direction than we are used to. Colleen compares it to receiving letters of the alphabet, where each letter represents a step towards our desired outcome. Our intuition guides us one step at a time, building our confidence and belief along the way. It may take us out of our comfort zone, but it leads us towards what we truly deserve.

Colleen encourages us to embrace intuitive inspiration and invitations, even if they seem foreign or challenging. Our intuition knows what is best for us and will never lead us astray. By following the path less traveled, we can experience personal growth and fulfillment.


In this episode of Ask Colleen, we explored the power of intuition and how it can guide us through life's challenges. Shielding our energy, trusting our intuition, and following intuitive inspiration are key steps in unlocking our intuitive intelligence. By practicing these principles, we can tap into our inherent gifts and create a life aligned with our true selves.

Remember, our intuition is always speaking to us, gently guiding us towards our highest good. It is up to us to listen, trust, and take inspired action. So, embrace your intuition and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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Colleen has appeared on daytime talk shows and numerous podcasts, such as The Badass Manifester. As a professionally trained and certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Intuitive and Angelic Therapist, her passion  is helping coaches, lightworkers and wellness professionals develop a deep trust in their intuition so they make the biggest impact possible.

She created the Peace Warrior Angel Guidance Deck, a card deck and guidebook for at-home guidance. This tool helps in building a healthy relationship with oneself, raising vibrations, and navigating life's journey.

Colleen is also the author of The Other Side of Addiction, a Self Help Book and Interactive Workbook. It aims to help people who have experienced the loss of a loved one to addiction and the subsequent grief. Along with these accomplishments, Colleen is a mother to her two beautiful children and her golden retriever, Pierogi. Colleen's favorite place is in nature, whether sitting, walking, or daydreaming by the sea.

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