Episode 2: Uncovering Intuitive Blockages: Navigating the Path to Alignment

#aligningmoments #podcast Feb 19, 2024

In this episode of "Ask Colleen, Spiritual Solutions for Life Situations," Colleen St. Michaels explores the topic of uncovering blockages in our intuition. She emphasizes the importance of embracing the diversity within ourselves and facing the shadow parts that we often ignore. Colleen shares her personal journey of discovering her own blockages and how she overcame them. She also discusses the role of fear, beliefs, and environment in blocking our intuition. Colleen provides practical steps to navigate these blockages and connect with our intuitive guidance.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the diversity within yourself: Recognize and accept the different parts of yourself, including the shadow aspects. These parts are craving love and acknowledgment, and by embracing them, you can heal and grow.
  • Fear blocks intuition: Identify and confront your fears that are preventing you from fully connecting with your intuition. Fear of change, judgment, and disappointment are common blockages that need to be addressed.
  • Balance giving and receiving: Find a balance between giving to others and giving to yourself. When you prioritize self-care and self-love, you create a harmonious energy that allows intuitive guidance to flow more freely.
  • Shield and protect your energy: Create boundaries and protect yourself from negative influences and attachments. Dissolve any energetic cords that may be draining your energy and blocking your intuition.
  • Ask yourself, "What do I need to know?": Instead of asking why questions about others, focus on what you need to know for your own growth and healing. Trust your intuition to provide gentle guidance and insights.


  • "When we are embracing the diversity within us, it really is about asking ourselves where are we at odds with ourselves? What aren't you wanting to see?" - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Fear plays a big role in blocking ourselves. So just ask yourself now, like, what is exactly, what am I afraid of?" - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "You have to start giving to yourself before the world can start giving to you. If you surround yourself with giving, you're going to only attract takers. Create a balance." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Attachments create an influence in how we make choices, how we change directions in our world. We want to have a beautiful collective creative energy that surrounds us in relationships, but we don't have to have attachments to those relationships." - Colleen St. Michaels
  • "Be gentle with yourself. So in the next episode, we're going to be talking about trusting the intuition and working with it in ways to attract healthy relationships, identifying our vibration." - Colleen St. Michaels


Welcome to the second episode of Ask Colleen, where we explore spiritual solutions for life situations. In this episode, we will delve into the topic of uncovering our blockages and navigating our intuitive abilities. Our intuition is a powerful tool that can guide us towards living a more aligned and fulfilling life. However, there are often conscious or unconscious blockages that prevent us from fully accessing and utilizing our intuition. By understanding and addressing these blockages, we can unlock our intuitive potential and live in alignment with our true essence.

Embracing Diversity Within

One of the key aspects of uncovering our blockages is embracing the diversity within ourselves. We are like a melting pot of different beliefs, patterns, and versions of ourselves. Often, we try to avoid or ignore the parts of ourselves that don't feel good, leading to a disconnection from our true essence. This avoidance of our shadow work, the emotional closets where we hide our uncomfortable feelings, creates blockages in our intuition.

To truly embrace diversity within ourselves, we must have compassion and acceptance for all parts of us, even the ones that don't feel good. This means acknowledging and allowing ourselves to feel the full range of emotions, including anger, shame, jealousy, and frustration. These natural feelings are often suppressed or suffocated, leading to a limited acceptance of ourselves.

Colleen shares her personal journey of feeling unheard and disrespected by others. However, through introspection and intuitive guidance, she realized that the frustration she felt was actually a reflection of her own lack of self-listening. By ignoring her intuition and not fully trusting herself, she had created a pattern of feeling unheard. This realization allowed her to shift her perspective and start listening to her inner being, leading to a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment.

Fear as a Blockage

Fear is a major blockage to our intuition. When we are in a state of fear, our vibration is low, making it difficult to receive intuitive guidance. Many people are afraid of what they might uncover if they fully embrace their intuition. They fear connecting with darkness or facing uncomfortable truths. However, as Colleen explains, spiritual hygiene practices such as shielding and protecting ourselves can help us navigate these fears and create a direct link to the light.

Colleen shares her own fear of shining her light brightly. She had dimmed her light for so long that the idea of fully embracing it and illuminating the darkness within herself felt overwhelming. However, she realized that as a lightworker, it was her purpose to create light in spaces of darkness. By facing her fear and embracing her light, she was able to step into her true power and live a more aligned life.

Beliefs, Environment, and Attachments

Our beliefs, environment, and attachments to others can also block our intuition. Colleen discusses how her strict Catholic upbringing created unconscious blockages in her intuitive abilities. She had to confront and release the beliefs that were holding her back from fully trusting her intuition.

Our environment also plays a role in our intuitive blockages. If we are surrounded by chaos, drama, or low vibrational energies, it becomes challenging to access our intuition. Creating a harmonious and balanced environment is essential for allowing intuitive insights to flow.

Attachments to others can create energetic blockages that hinder our intuition. When we have cords of attachment to people, their energy can influence and drain us, making it difficult to receive clear intuitive guidance. Dissolving these cords of attachment allows us to reclaim our energy and create space for intuitive insights.


Uncovering our blockages and navigating our intuitive abilities is a courageous journey of self-discovery and healing. By embracing the diversity within ourselves, addressing our fears, and clearing our beliefs, environment, and attachments, we can unlock our intuitive potential and live a more aligned life. Trusting our intuition and working with it in healthy ways allows us to attract positive relationships and identify our true vibration. Remember to be gentle with yourself throughout this process, as you are embarking on a new beginning and discovering the power of your intuition.

In the next episode, we will explore the topic of trusting intuition and its role in attracting healthy relationships. Stay tuned for more insights and guidance on your spiritual journey.

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