Soulful Solutions

A Personalized Four-Week Program

Welcome to Soulful Solutions.

This is a multidimensional program designed to support individuals who need help navigating their current challenges, and gain clarity, and confidence to make a shift.

Or maybe you’re  interested in receiving further support after experiencing the Soulful Insight session. 

Our exclusive four-week program offers personalized learning opportunities for people who are seeking spiritual growth and transformation.

This program is designed to cater to each student's unique learning style and level of understanding, providing customized support tailored to their specific challenges and circumstances.

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Program Details

  • Sessions: 4 sessions held weekly or biweekly
  • Duration: Each session is 90 minutes
  • Platform: Sessions will be conducted via Zoom or phone
  • Total Hours: 6 hours of personalized instruction
  • Communication: You can use Voxer to ask me any questions between mentorship sessions.

I’m Colleen, your intuitive guide.

My job is to graciously receive messages and guidance through finely-tuned spiritual channels. 


I work with teams of angels who offer valuable insights tailored to your unique situation. Angels exist in the highest vibration, the realm we connect with during these life-changing sessions.

You will walk away feeling refreshed, having been touched by the purest form of love and light.

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“When I first started working with the angels I was in a pretty dark place. I never really felt balanced, like everyone around me seemed to have a playbook for life and I somehow was missing a whole important section. Working with the angels was that missing section for me.

I learned to finally trust my intuition and re-align my life in a way that has brought amazing people into my life as well as, the confidence to follow my gut and say yes to opportunities I normally wouldn’t.

Learning from Colleen how to expand my intuition and connect with the angels has truly been a blessing. I know this may sound like a “cliche” but it’s truly the only way to describe it.”

"We cannot manifest what we desire if we allow the parts of ourselves that need love and healing to keep creating stories of unworthiness within us, preventing us from accepting them.”

— Colleen