Seven Signs of Synchronicity That Your Higher-self May Be Giving You.

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Seven Signs of Synchronicity That Your Higher-self May Be Giving You.

By: Colleen St.Michaels


So, have you ever noticed how sometimes things seem to fit together perfectly, even though there's no obvious reason why they should? Yeah, those are what we call synchronicities. They can be all kinds of things, from seeing the same numbers over and over, to running into someone you've been thinking about at just the right time. These events are like messages from the universe or your higher self, trying to tell you something important. And if you pay attention and trust your gut, following those synchronicities can lead to a more fulfilling life, you know?

So, usually, signs are personal and unique to each person, but here are some intuitive signs that you might wanna like totally pay attention to:

  1. Repetitive Numbers: Seeing the same number sequence repeatedly (such as 1111, 222, 333, etc.) can be a sign of synchronicity. ( Connect a hyperlink to the blog above)
  2. Dreams: Pay attention to dreams that feel significant or have recurring symbols or themes.
  3. Intuitive Hunches: Trusting your gut feelings and following your intuition can lead to synchronistic events.
  4. Coincidences: When events seem too coincidental to be random, they may be synchronicities.
  5. Serendipitous Encounters: Meeting someone at the right place and time or having a chance encounter that leads to a positive outcome may be a sign of synchronicity.
  6. Meaningful Conversations: Pay attention to conversations that happen at the right time and lead to insights or solutions.
  7. Signs and Symbols: Seeing meaningful symbols or signs that are relevant to your personal journey can be a sign of synchronicity.

It's important to note that synchronicity signs are often subjective and personal, and what feels like a meaningful coincidence to one person may not resonate with another. Trust your own intuition and pay attention to the signs that feel significant to you.

Hitting Your G Spot - Soul Style

Now that I have your attention let me share with you a way to enlighten both your body and soul.

I have been living mindfully for many years now. It was not always as accepted as it is today, but thank goodness for our progress. The process of working through one's humanity is not always on everybody's to-do list, but collectively we can move through our issues more efficiently because the energy of a higher vibration supports it.

The world of spiritual awakening is not reserved for a select few but for those who choose to claim it. When we choose to claim the birthright of peace, abundance in health, wealth, love, and happiness, we reject the energies of "not good enough" or "I can't." These negative beliefs are not your soul's language but your human mouth and inner feelings. We were created to be on the journey of spiritual living in a human form, each of us entering the world with a full set of tools to apply to the life lessons we have chosen to grow from on the other side.

Working through all of our humanity can be mentally exhausting. The idea of confronting and dealing with shame, guilt, fear, anger, and abandonment can seem sadistic rather than spiritual.

Why do we go into the closets we have worked so hard to keep closed? We can claim emotional power over them by working through and addressing the parts we have tried so hard to hide and learning to sit with them. This emotional power is not about world domination but about reaching emotional sovereignty with ourselves.

For example, if you struggle with the belief that partners leave you, this would be a closet created because of an experience that you witnessed or lived firsthand. Within yourself, you decide that you would like to have a partner, love, friendship, and laughter, but inside, you fear this place of happiness because you feel it will be taken away from you. You move forward anyway and meet a person, and you feel happy and uncertain but curious to see where this can go. Your mind is peaceful when you are with them, but as soon as you part, the mental warfare starts with thoughts about not being good enough. You then start over-texting or under-communicating, and you start feeling that he or she is not interested. As your mind takes over, you become an Olympic hurdler jumping into assumptions. You now stop the experience that is in front of you and start moving madness into the future you have never had with this person. When we go into the closets of our fears and shame, we stop this from happening because it is no longer our fear. To sit with our past experiences and not judge them is how we clear out the closet. Pulling clutter from our past experiences affects us on every level of life. The fear of going after your dreams, changing careers, moving, or starting to give life to your passions all become a victim of this closet. If your closets at home were packed with clothes that didn't fit and were out of style, you would donate them. Clearing out the closet within is like donating to goodwill.

So much information is available on how to let go, but what's in it for me as a human being?

Now onto the Soul Styling G-spot. When you get rid of the dark areas in your life, you allow more room for light. The light is the self-love you have discovered while moving out the clutter. You are now living the G-spot, that place of bliss where you have friends that are soul-minded, you have lovers that you feel completely safe and uninhibited with, you have mind-blowing sex because two bodies come together in an energetic flow of love. You won't allow people to disrespect you because your energy won't hold that space. You will have the passion for your work, life, and trust that you are fully supported with every task that aligns with your soul. The G-spot is not just the physical organ that allows bliss during sexual encounters, but the G-spot you claim in your life!