Calling All Angels

Apr 29, 2023
Calling All Angels

By: Colleen St.Michaels


Hello there, friends! Today, we will be talking about angels and how we can seek their guidance and support. Angels are my favorite topic to talk about due to the positive impact and transformation they have brought to my life. Initially, my intention was to learn about angels and intuition to heal my life. However, after witnessing the shift in every aspect of my being, my vision of life became clearer. I no longer wish to just get by, but rather I am now ready to soar into life and start living to the fullest. I have devoted my entire life to teaching people about the power within them and the teams of love and light that are ready to partner with them.

So, who are the angels, and how do you build communication with them?

Angels are spiritual beings believed to be messengers of the divine. They offer guidance, protection, and comfort to those who call upon them. Whether or not you believe in angels, these heavenly beings believe in you. Angels are not loved ones who have passed away, as they have never walked the earth. Rather, they are messengers of God. We do not worship angels, but rather we partner with them. When prayers are sent, God receives all of them and then sends his loving teams of angels to support you.

So, how do we call on angels? Here are a few simple ways to connect with these divine beings:

  1. Simply ask: The first step in calling on angels is simply asking for their help. You can do this out loud or in your mind. You don't need any special words or phrases - just speak from your heart and ask for guidance and support.
  2. Use prayer or meditation: Prayer and meditation are great ways to connect with angels. You can use a pre-written prayer or meditation or create your own. Focus on your intention and ask the angels for their guidance and support.
  3. Use angel cards: Angel cards are a tool that can help you connect with angels and receive guidance. These cards feature messages and affirmations that can help you tap into the wisdom of the angels. Simply shuffle the deck, ask a question, and choose a card to receive your message.
  4. Light a candle: Lighting a candle is a simple way to create a sacred space and invite the angels in. Choose a white or blue candle (colors associated with angels), and focus on your intention as you light it. You can also place crystals or other items that are meaningful to you around the candle to create a sacred altar.

Remember, angels are always available to help us - we just need to ask. Trust that they are listening and will offer guidance and support in the best way for us. So go ahead and call on your angels - they're waiting to hear from you!

So, let's talk about angels and get you into the winged club!

You might be wondering, as I once did, "If there are all these angels, why do I keep ending up in crappy situations? Are the angels on lunch when I'm about to make a foolish mistake for the hundredth time?"

If you would like to learn more about angels, my course "Learn to Partner and Communicate with Angels" is self-paced and packed with all the tools you need to partner with your angelic teams. It's the perfect starting point for learning a step-by-step process.