Sway with the soft summer breeze and allow the sun to  kiss you with light. These  summer sage bundles will make you feel as though you are in a field of pure joy.


With the soft aromatics of rosemary, rose, garden sage, cedar and more, these bundles will awaken all your senses while cleansing and purifying your person and space.

End of Summer Smudge Bundle


    • Dandelion is associated with the element of air, and used for dinvation, spirit calling, and wish magic.
    • Lemongrass is incrediby energizing, used for purifying, cleansing, encouraging clarity and focus, all while removing obstacles and opening new doorways.
    • Cedar can help dispel negative energy in the same way that white sage would, cedar offers a level of protection that other herbs do not. 
    • Rose is used to connected with Goddess energy and is a powerful tonic for your heart chakra, helping to open you up to both giving and receiving unconditional love. 
    • Parsely is using for purification, transformation, fertility, wealth and prosperity.
    • Rosemary is perfect for purification rites and creating the space and availability for a fresh start.
    • Lavendar is known to help courage a restful night's sleep as well as pease of mind, relaxation, happiness and love. 
    • Orgegano foster happiness, harmony, love, peace, protection, and tranquility.
    • White sage is known for its antibacterial properties and for clearing negative energies.
    • Basil brings happiness, peace, and tranquility.
  • Sageing or smudging is known to clear the air of negative, low vibrational energy. It attracts positive and pure energy into your environment to uplift and reset the energy within you and your space.

    • Smudge yourself with sage when you get home from work each day To reset and realign your energy.

    • Smudge the participants at the beginning of a meeting or ceremony in order to help everyone become centered and present.

    • Smudge an area where you are releasing /journaling or grieving.

    • If you have spiritual instruments, it’s good to smudge them regularly: i.e., feathers, fetishes, crystals, etc. 

    • Smudge yourself when you awaken in the morning to dispel any negativity from the day before or that came up in your dreams. 

    • Smudge your home on a regular basis, smudging towards an open window.

    • If you receive something that has been used by others, such as a purchase from a thrift store, smudge it with sage before using it to eliminate the energy of the previous owner, and create a new start for yourself.

    You Will Need

    • Sage 
    • An abalone shell (or anything that can handle the heat of the burning sage- glass bowl or plate)
    • A lighter
    • Shell or bowl under to catch any debris from the lit bundle.
    • A feather to help fan the smoke (optional).

    Light the sage and blow out the flame and you will see it starting to smoke. 

    Set your intention for the cleansing asking the angels to surround and protect you.

    Move around the room corner to corner towards a door or window to release the energy.