-Turquoise gemstones with sandalwood beads

-Angel number 44 is the message that you are divinely supported and loved by the archangels. You have an important life's purpose and it is imperative that you listen to your inner wisdom and trust that you are safe and protected by the invisible realms. Trust that what you feel and know within your heart is leading you to the pathway of your dreams. Have love and patience with yourself.

-Useful for reiki and angelic infused energy

-The Peace Warrior Mala is designed to be a tactile tool for counting mantras in meditations. It’s also used as a visual reminder of your power in day to day life. Each bracelet has been preset with the energy of angelic love and the life force energy of reiki. All it needs is your own personal intention to be added to make it customized for you!. It is a trendy accessory to not only represent the warrior within you, but your own fierce sense of style. Your style, your uniqueness is the gift the world is waiting for.

Peace Warrior 44 - Bead Turquoise Mala