Lavender is the perfect fragrance impression to bring into your home or workspace. These dried lavender bundles have been raised with exceptional thought and attention to detail each step of the process. Packaged with the energy of the angels by the hands of Colleen.


Colleen has created this Calm Collection to share with you, what she handmakes and uses in her everyday practices to stay calm.


Note from Colleen:

The farmer is a long term dear friend and I am privileged to share and create with these gorgeous flowers. Hand-harvested, organic and locally grown Lavender from Harmony Farms in NJ.


Lavender Fields Calming Bundles

    • Each bundle has the same amount of stems and is approximately 22 -24 inches in length. 
    • Each bundle will come beautifully wrapped with a decorative detachable ribbon to accommodate your style and taste
    • Each bundle will stay fragrant for up to 6 months depending on the size of the area it is placed
    • The lavender growers also use the flowers in teas, cooking, and in sachets to freshen your drawers.