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Stop Giving Away Your Wealth

You were born wealthy and abundant in every aspect, and your soul knows how capable you are of living plentiful in health, wealth, love, and happiness with authentic alignments. But the human design of wealth has been grossly manipulated by a broken society system straying away from the origin of truth, keeping you in a loop of lack.

When you are out of alignment with your life, you feel exhausted, drained, and energetically depleted. The exhaustion is accurate as it's the cry of the soul's voice attempting to get your attention from within to steer you to slow down and allow your physical and emotional body to reset and heal on all levels.

Your mind, body, and spirit can no longer push through and allow you to ignore the message to enter into the period of restful healing; during this restful healing time, your mind might wonder what is wrong with you. Asking yourself, I'm depressed; why can't I push through this and keep up with my old pace? Why do I want to hide from the world? Why do I feel like a stranger in my life? The energies of the divine feminine rise to assimilate harmony between the divine masculine and feminine energies to offer you balance, breaking you away from the disjointed energy of force and into the flow and intentional living.

We were never soul designed to be so out of sync with ourselves and detached from our physical vessels, intuitive intelligence systems, and self-awareness. Broken societies of the past are pushing a universal blueprint to live by and have suffocated the essence of our unique being.

In the resting phase, you can see and feel the misalignments in your life and ask yourself, what am I investing my energy into, work, obligations, relationships, commitments? Exhaustion is the signal to stop, be aware of your behaviors, and reset your coordinates to listen to your soul's path.

So many seek their soul's purpose but ignore the guidance steps spoken intuitively that are trying to show your purpose, in turn depleting your true wealth.

Your energy is your true wealth, and you are investing it in faulty places if you are feeling unsatisfied with life.

I learn best when I have a practical example of connecting when making a change, and I invite you to follow along and be aware of what thoughts, feeling, and emotions surface.

The main character traits

  • Imagine having enormous money in the bank.

  • A is a loving and caring person.

  • A big heart and great compassion for others.

  • A solid desire to be loved the way they give love but have been hurt or disappointed.

  • A tendency to over-commit and say yes often to others without consulting yourself to see if you want to help.

  • A harsh inner dialog and critical when it comes to themselves

  • Someone who has trouble asking for help.

The scenario.

You are in a relationship; it can be family, romantic or platonic, but it is with someone you have invested time and energy into, and they ask you for a loan or to borrow money. You want them to be okay and not struggle or suffer, so you readily provide it, only to watch the person squander the money away.

You are confused by choice to waste money. You instantly don't want to judge them, so you justify the action by reminding yourself of all their good qualities; your accounts are full, so you don't feel the repercussions of the amount given away.

As time passes, the person you gave money to again needs help and is short of funds; you care for them, and you have more than they do, so you give them what they ask to help them out, only to learn they have squandered it once again. You are slightly irritated but not irritated enough to say something out loud but are holding a lot of negative conversations in your head, but eventually, you let it go.

One day while in a checkout line with the friend mentioned above and you are short a few dollars and ask if they can cover you, they reject your request, and you mentally justify the rejection with a story of their lack and feel bad for asking. On another afternoon, your car breaks down, and you call your friend to see if they can help you; your request is rejected because they are busy. You are fuming in your head but quickly justify their behavior and feel bad for asking them to be inconvenienced.

This scenario keeps duplicating, and you are feeling unfavorable about yourself, wondering what is wrong with you, that people don't respect you as you respect them, and this is draining you. Your insides feel so unsettled all the time. When you check the once-flowing financial accounts, you see that they have dropped to an alarming amount, and you wonder how this happened.

As you read this, you probably are yelling at this Character in the story and judging their behavior because you see her being taken advantage of so clearly. Why? Because you are not in it, you are watching unattached. This scenario most likely happened to you in this life when you were giving and giving but felt abandoned in receiving.

At first impression, everyone would quickly get angry at the person, taking advantage of the kind with their blatant lack of vision to see that they are using someone. The person is accountable for the behavior. it’s the person who keeps giving the money because there is a lack of respect for the relationship with themselves. The other person is unapologetic for who they are. They are not wearing a mask, full transparency. however, a person keeps giving the money and hoping the other person will change to satisfy what it is in a partner or friend or person. it is our responsibility to take ownership of how we treat ourselves, intern, hold boundaries, and move forward when we witness someone's misalignment with.

The misalignments in life do not become a pattern with one event but in a series of small drips that eventually become an emotional flood.

Most people attach more value to financial wealth than your true wealth. Your energy is your true wealth; everything begins and ends with energy...everything!

The Character was exhausting themselves financially, physically, and emotionally because they were misaligned in their relationship to be in a vibrational match.

some other examples of feeling the misalignments energies are;

  • Feeling drained at work because you are the yes girl to everyone and fall behind on your responsibilities and duties.

  • Feeling unvalued at work because your earnings do not match your contribution.

  • Feeling like you wake up to get through the day.

  • Feel resentful in relationships

  • Feel attacked when you try to implement boundaries in your life

  • Feel disconnected from people you once enjoyed

  • Feel tired of adapting to other's choices and not vocalizing your needs

  • Feeling unworthy of experiencing a healthy relationship, a satisfying job

  • To allow fear to overcome you emotionally, mentally, and physically, and you stay in your discomfort

  • Feel guilty for enjoying life while others are struggling.

  • You may reject your gut instinct to please someone else.

  • Always searching for happiness

  • feel guilty because you "should" be happy because, on paper, you have a great life.

The list can go on and on, but if you feel one or all of these things, it's a sign you are not in alignment with your life, and the good news is the cure is in your control to change it.

There is no room for shame or judgment when making a personal change, and the key is to be aware of what patterns you recognize and keep repeating, hoping for a different outcome.

Wealthy people watch their accounts, know their investments, and make changes when necessary to protect their wealth. This is the same process when managing and shifting your true wealth.

Your energy is the magnet that attracts and matches you to what you invest in.

You were born wealthy, and it's time to reclaim your wealth

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