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Change is in the air...

Updated: Jan 12

Finding comfort in discomfort is not an intuitive response to life. It's the suffocation of your higher self, and the discomfort is an indicator to get your attention to heal the parts of yourself that are misaligned and hurting. These parts of you need the most love and attention.

If you believe you are meant to struggle, you will set your mindset to accept struggle. Your mind-body-soul relationship is powerful and can be used to create inner conflict or reset the old programs and align with your highest purpose here in earth school.

You were not meant to struggle. You are an empowered spark of divinity; it is now the time to awaken to your true identity.

Your journey has a great purpose; your soul's design offers a map of healing through the lessons of humanity to contribute your light into the world.

Great wisdom is obtained for growth when experiencing contrast.

These are resistance symptoms when you feel like you are struggling, confused, and overwhelmed. You are resisting the natural flow of your path and trying to force what you thought life would be.

You can heal, you can grow, and you can flow gently into a co-creation with life.

All the steps to change are spoken through your intuitive voice, your soul's design is unique, so the steps to your purpose are customized specifically for you and you alone.

When you surrender into trust, intuitively trusting that all of your needs are always infinitely supplied to you.

Speak into existence the peace you want to experience rather than the struggles you are tired of battling.

Believing you have control to resist change is a mind trick. Change is constant and always in motion, regardless of whether you accept it. Resisting change is like opposing air; you suffocate yourself into smallness and deplete your energy, fighting what is to be as you designed it on a soul level.

  • Ask yourself, why am I resisting change?

  • What am I afraid of?

  • What stories do I create in my mind that make me afraid?

When we listen to our thoughts and what they say, we are gifted an opportunity to see if we believe what they share or if we are on autopilot, allowing the negativity-free airspace in our heads.

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