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Colleen St. Michaels Welcomes You

To 30 Ways in 30 Days To  Raise Your Consciousness Challenge

Well, this year, let's focus on March Mindfulness .

Join me for this free 30 days and 30 ways to raise your consciousness challenge . Each day, I will offer a meditation, tip, or exercise to gain insight and clarity, to listen deeply to your intuition , and clear away confusion and static.

The daily challenge will be shared on my social media platforms, so make sure to follow along each day and never miss a mindful moment!

Intuition is the key to unlocking clarity in every area of your life ! Life is a journey filled will opportunities to practice trusting intuition .

I have been teaching intuitive development for over a decade. The number one reason most people say they don't trust their intuition is because they can't quiet their mind!!

Sound familiar …that’s why I am sharing the meditation practice that helped me calm and silence my busy ADHD mind.

Follow the steps below and claim you free download Mindful Breathing Meditation

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