Breaking Through Density

Light Workers Meditation

lightworkers healing meditation

Lightworkers are teachers, healers, and pathfinders to bring universal light energy to humanity. Guiding the transformation of consciousness as the awakening is underway as we shift into the new age.

You have experienced periods of darkness in the healers’ path, but with compassion and a desire, you transmuted your pain into the light.


Your mission may be unclear but the intuitive pull guides you to go deeper within and heal the timeline of your soul's journey.


Join me as I channel this Powerful healing meditation to clear and release:

-Karmic debts 

-Unconscious blockages of your energy

-Clear the pain and emotional bodies

-Dissolve cords of attachments 


This meditation will deliver crucial light codes to unlock ancestral wisdom and your inherent gifts.

Opening the channels to manifest in universal abundance.


We are teams in the light, sharing oneness in this dimension and all others.


We are stronger together, you are not alone anymore.